ECHO is a new online, open access, peer-reviewed journal that exists to share creative work and understanding in the common space at the intersection of music, thought and technology.

An initiative of the MTT (Music, Thought and Technology) research group at the Orpheus Institute, Ghent, ECHO welcomes artist-researchers to submit contributions for development on its custom platform.

Authors are encouraged to structure digitally-native storytelling around their creative work, using media-rich materials, nonlinear navigation and tools of data representation and interactive code. The ECHO software environment is made available to contributors to experiment.

As well as current composition, performance and sonic and web-based art, original approaches to musicological, theoretical, technological and historical topics are very welcome.

ECHO appears twice yearly, with an average of 24 weeks between submission and publication. There are no fees or charges associated with making a submission to the journal. Topics will remain open for further submission for as long as they remain relevant. Initial issues will address technological concepts that have wide currency in contemporary discourse: digital archive, network, feedback, simulation.

Editors-in-chief are Jonathan Impett and Nicolas Collins. Each issue has its own guest editor:

All materials published in ECHO are peer-reviewed. The journal uses double-blind peer review for articles and editorial review for artist statements.

All enquiries to: echojournal@orpheusinstituut.be

ISSN: 2736-5824
DOI prefix: 10.47041/ECHO
URL: echo.orpheusinstituut.be

ECHO advisory board: 
Kristina Andersen (Eindhoven University of Technology), Chris Chafe (Stanford University), Christoph Cox (Hampshire College), Simon Emmerson (De Montfort University), Brian Kane (Yale University), Nyssim Lefford (Luleå University of Technology), Jonathan Sterne (McGill University) and Laura Zattra (Conservatoires of music of Rovigo, Vicenza, Bologna and Parma)

ECHO team: Magno Caliman (technical editor) and Daphne Ronse (communication coordinator)


Orpheus Instituut
Korte Meer 12, 9000 Ghent

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