Jorge Boehringer

Artist, Researcher: Research Associate, Sonification Design and Aesthetics, Newcastle University
Jorge Boehringer Desk Black White

Jorge Boehringer’s work as a composer, artist, and experimentalist emerges from a research practice that began with electro-acoustic instrumental performance and composition, and has become an inquiry into temporality, structures of contingency, and spatialized environmental listening situations. His work is grounded in theories and practice of contemporary art, the phenomenological work of Merleau-Ponty and others, and a form of Buddhist meditation that he has practised for over 25 years. He has toured extensively, performing solo (often under the nom de plume Core of the Coalman) in a manner he describes as “a open sketchbook in continuous development articulated by and within (often old) instruments and (sometimes new) media”. He has performed and exhibited work in festivals, galleries, dirty dives, and classy venues as well as basements throughout Europe, North America and Japan. Recent commissions and installation environments include work created for Galerie Titanik (FI), Národní muzeum Praha (Cz), and the Exploratorium (US).

Academically, Jorge holds a PhD from CeReNem, at the University of Huddersfield, where he worked with composers Bryn Harrison, and Peter Ablinger. He previously studied at the Center for Contemporary Music at Mills College in Oakland, California with Pauline Oliveros, Alvin Curran, and Fred Frith. He also participated in residencies with Maryanne Amacher, Paul Demarinis, Allan Kaprow, and developed a research project with Gordon Mumma around the formation and work of the Sonic Arts Union. His teaching trajectory, like his work, is varied and experimental. He helped establish a Fine Arts program for Interactive and Experimental Media at what is now Prague City University, where he led the audio modules for several years, alongside teaching new media interaction design, and leading the Bachelors of Arts Studio Practice module. Other recent educational highlights include teaching spatial audio at the University of Huddersfield, and a recent short course in Deep Listening and Spatialised Sound at CAMP in France. Jorge is currently a full-time researcher with Newcastle University, his work centring around sonification and creative practice. His hopefully perplexing catalogue of releases and published writings are somewhat accessible through his website at

Article by Jorge

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